Fresh Produce, everyday!

At Kimbumbu garden you get fresh farming products!

Chicken / Goat

Chicken, Eggs, Goats

Dairy Milk

Fresh Milk From Cows or Goats


Tomatoes, Salad, Maize

Fruit Farming

Bananas, Mangoes, Papayas

Welcome to Kimbumbu Garden

It’s a simple place, yet full of wonders!

Take your journey to Kimbumbu garden and discover a variety of farming products.

Why we are different

A quick look on what we do

With innovative technology we cultivate various farming products.

1. Cultivate to feed

We produce on our own behalf and also to sell to others for an affordable price in order to provide food to society.

2. Generate an income

We generate income not only for ourselves but also to hire daily workers.

3. Train & help other farmers

With our wide experience in farming we are able to train other farmers and thus help to improve farming in Kenya.